Gabriel Glas Gold (Gift Set of 1)


The Wine Glass for the Wine Connoisseur. The Gabriel Glas Gold edition is mouth blown, stunningly stylish and incredibly weighs just 92g. It has few, if any equals when it comes to form and function. It is the very definition of an investment glass and is universal to all types of wine.

Designed by renowned Swiss wine critic René Gabriel, the Gabriel Glas is designed to highlight the bouquet of white, red, sparkling and dessert wine.

Exquisite design, maximum experience. Gabriel-Glas “one-for-all” universal glassware is designed to express the most subtle flavors and aromas of any wine varietal, from Cabernet to Champagne. A graceful and functional all-purpose glass, it’s the only stemware you need.

Beautiful, elegant, and durable, the stunning mouth blown Gabriel Glass Gold Edition (hand made) is made from lead-free Austrial crystal.

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