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Welcome to Winelover.ie, the home of Winelover Accessories. At Winelover.ie we, just like you are wine lovers and it is our aim to provide you with all the tools and accessories to get the most out of your wines and to enhance your overall wine drinking experience.

The moment you open your first bottle of wine is the beginning of a journey.The journey for everyone is different and can depend on many variables. Who you share the journey with. Your travels in life and the countries you visit. Your own tastes. The food you prefer. The list and combinations of variables is endless and each individual journey is unique.

Just like each journey tells it’s own story, each bottle writes a new chapter. At Winelover Accessories we provide you with all you need to maximise and enhance each bottle and deliver you the most satisfaction from the wine of your choice.

We offer stylish glasses for the wine of your choice. Aerators and decanters to oxygenate and enhance flavour. Easy to use corkscrews that simplify and speed up the process of opening bottles. Coolers and thermoters that ensure wine is delivered at the correct temperature. Preservers and stoppers that maximise the life of unfinished bottles and gifts for wine lovers of all levels, from the novice to the oenophile. We have options for all levels of wine lovers.

With new stock added weekly, you can follow us on social media for updates and regular special offers.

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